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12 Unique Corporate Business Gift Ideas

Unique Business and Corporate Gift Ideas in Seattle

Corporate gifting is an excellent way to strengthen relationships, show appreciation, and leave a lasting impression. Whether you're looking to impress clients, celebrate your team, or stand out at conferences and events, a thoughtful business gift can make all the difference. Here are 12 unique corporate gift ideas categorized for clients, employees, and conferences/events:


Office employee onboarding gift box containing snacks and a notebook, designed to welcome and delight new hires

1. Client Onboarding 
Welcome new clients with an onboarding gift box filled with delicious snacks to enjoy immediately and branded swag to keep your company top of mind. This thoughtful gesture shows your appreciation for their business, reflects your company culture, and underscores the value you place on your clients. Expressing gratitude for choosing your company sets the tone for a positive and lasting relationship, demonstrating that you prioritize their satisfaction and partnership from the very beginning.

St. Patrick's Day gift set featuring festive green-themed items, including shamrock cookies, Irish Beer, and Irish-themed snacks, beautifully arranged for the holiday

2. Celebration Client Gifts:
Not all gifts need to be sent during peak season. Make your company stand out by sending an unexpected gift to mark a special holiday or event that resonates with your company’s values or milestones. By celebrating unique occasions, you can create memorable moments that strengthen your client relationships. Whether it’s an anniversary of your partnership, a company achievement, or a lesser-known holiday that aligns with your brand, these thoughtful and timely gifts show your clients that you value them year-round, not just during traditional gifting seasons

Branded Bluetooth speaker featuring high-quality sound and sleek design, ideal for both personal and professional use

3. Branded Bluetooth Speakers:
Give the gift of high-quality sound with branded Bluetooth speakers. These speakers are extremely popular and well-loved by recipients. Not only are they practical and stylish, but they also provide an excellent way to keep your brand top of mind. Perfect for both personal and professional use, branded Bluetooth speakers make a versatile and appreciated corporate gift that clients, partners, and employees will enjoy.

Wine gift basket featuring a bottle of premium wine, gourmet snacks, and elegant accessories, beautifully arranged for a luxurious gifting experience

4. Client Holiday Gifts:
Show your appreciation during the holiday season with thoughtfully curated gifts that go beyond the ordinary. By selecting gifts that reflect your company culture and values, you not only express gratitude but also reinforce the strength of your client relationships. Consider custom-designed gifts with local flair to add a personal touch and showcase the uniqueness of your region. Whether it's a gourmet gift basket featuring local delicacies or a custom-made item crafted by local artisans, these gifts convey sincerity and thoughtfulness while leaving a lasting impression on your clients.

Thank you gift box for referral featuring gourmet treats, a handwritten note, and branded swag, expressing gratitude for the referral

5. Referral Gifts:
Reward clients who refer new business to you with unique referral gifts that make a lasting impression. Featuring local products, these gifts offer special treats that people don't usually buy for themselves, adding a touch of exclusivity and thoughtfulness. By incorporating local flavors and artisan items, you create a memorable and personal experience that shows your appreciation in a distinctive way.


Gift boxes in company colors, filled with items for employee onboarding, showcasing branded swag and essentials to welcome new hires

6. New Employee Welcome Gifts:
Make new hires feel valued from day one with welcome gifts that embody your company culture. This is an excellent opportunity to use your company colors and provide branded swag they will appreciate and use, alongside items that align with your company's values and ethos.

You Are A Rockstar! Apple Blossom Gift Baskets

7. Team Gifts:
Show appreciation to your team with gifts that celebrate their hard work and dedication. Acknowledging their efforts and recognizing them as the rock stars they are will foster team bonding and motivate them to strive for continued success.

Company swag including a branded candle and cozy blanket, perfect for promoting team spirit and comfort

8. Company Swag:
Boost team spirit and brand pride with high-quality company swag. Offer items such as custom t-shirts, water bottles, tote bags, and notebooks, all prominently featuring your company logo. While it may be tempting to shop by price, investing in high-quality items ensures they will be kept and used, making a lasting impression

Canvas tote themed around a travel destination, filled with an assortment of goodies and souvenirs

9. Trip Send Off and Welcome Gifts:
For employees traveling for business, provide send-off and welcome gifts to show your support. Include travel essentials like luggage tags, portable chargers, destination themed snacks, and a note wishing them a successful trip.  In this gift tote for a Netherlands trip we filled it with travel items along with windmill cookies.


Custom branded gift boxes featuring your company logo, elegantly designed and filled with thoughtfully selected items

10. Conference Welcome Gifts:
Make a great first impression at conferences with welcome gifts for attendees. These can include branded notebooks, pens, water bottles, and snacks to keep them energized throughout the event.

Custom printed tote bags from a locally based Seattle, WA company, showcasing unique designs and local flair

11. Custom Tote Bags:
Provide custom tote bags for attendees to utilize both during and after the conference. Fill them with practical items that attendees will find valuable and want to keep. Locally made tote bags featuring Pacific Northwest products are often well received, adding an extra touch of regional charm and appeal

Gift box featuring a branded mug and delicious chocolates, perfect for showing appreciation and spreading joy

12. Post Event Gifts:
Keep your company top of mind with post-event gifts sent to attendees after the conference. Consider follow-up gifts like a thank-you note, a branded coffee mug, or unique candies.

The key to success in corporate gifting is choosing quality over price, finding unique and trending items along with keeping to the theme and culture of the company.  This is what the team at Apple Blossom is always working on and has a knack for.  If you need help winning at your next gifting venture we are always ready to chat.

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