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Mastering Corporate Gifting: Strategies for Personalized Impact

The Art of Corporate Gifting: Making It Personal and Impactful

In the realm of corporate relationships, the power of personalized gifting cannot be overstated. A well-executed personalized corporate gifting strategy is a thoughtful gesture that leaves a lasting impression about you and your brand. How to be successful with corporate gifting.

  1. Know Your Audience:  How embarassing to send a wine gift to someone who doesn't drink or beef sticks to a vegitarian.  We are not suggesting that you have to know EVERTHING about your recipients, but  maybe next time you are talking with them have a go-to statement that you can make note of later.  For example, how was your weekend could be "a friend of mine brought over this new wine we got to try, have you ever tried Mark Ryan wines?  It was amazing..."  Great conversation with your clients and you also found out a little something about them.  The gift of Mark Ryan wines you send this holiday may be the best gift that they recieve all season.   

  2. Individual Personalization:  This sounds hard, but is very easy.  Just remember just one item in the gift is all you need to reflect personalization.   During the busy holiday season when lots of gets are going out, maybe it is as simple as a handwritten note.  Many of the gifts that we send out include handwritten notes to add that personal touch. 

  3. Align with Company Values and Culture:  Make sure that your gifts are aligned with your company's values, culture, and branding. Your gifts should reflect the ethos of your organization and reinforce the positive aspects of your brand. For example, if sustainability is a core value, consider eco-friendly gift options. If innovation is a key differentiator, choose gifts that showcase cutting-edge technology or design.

  4. Choose Quality Over Quantity:  This can be hard sometimes and even we struggle with this when designing.  Poor quality snacks and goods will be thrown away and not appreciated.  You must focus on the quality of the products and yes, maybe that means a little less products, but your clients will actually enjoy them.  At Apple Blossom we literally have sampled every single thing that we stock.  If it is not high quality, we won't carry it and sometimes baskets may not look as full as the commercial big box designs, but our clients get rave reviews because we have made that business decision.  Featuring made in Washington products from fellow small businesses gives us the ability to be picky and really make quality a priority in custom corporate gift design.

  5. Consider the Occasion:  Take into account the occasion or purpose of the gift when selecting and timing your gifts. Whether you're celebrating a major milestone, expressing gratitude for a successful partnership, or simply showing appreciation for a job well done, tailor your gifts accordingly. Thoughtful timing and context can enhance the impact of your gesture and strengthen the bond between you and your recipients.

  6. Focus on Presentation: Presentation matters just as much as the gift itself. Pay attention to the packaging, wrapping, and overall presentation of your gifts. Choose packaging that is elegant, professional, and on-brand. Not only do the made in Washington items inside thegift need to be high quality, but the presentation need to be on point too. At Apple Blossom we have chosen to only carry soft toucg, magnetic close luxe gift boxes with foil imprint.  We fill the gifts with colored crunch, product and an embelishment.  Then we wrap the products in fabric paper and seal with a sticker.  Then we finish the gift with satin ribbon.  The quality of ribbon also matters, cheap ribbon can be spotted from a mile away and thats why all of the ribbon that we use in name brand double sided satin.

  7. Ask For Feedback: Most of the time this will come unsoliced in the form of a "thank you for the awesome gift, but if it doesn't ask the recipients if they recieved it and what they thought about one specific item in the gift.  Use that info to refine and improve your gifting strategy over time. We have found that overtime people really love the feature of products made in Washington.

A personalized corporate gifting strategy is a powerful tool for building relationships with clients, partners, and employees. By knowing your audience, tailoring gifts to the individual, aligning with company values, choosing quality over quantity, and considering the occasion, you can effectively execute a gifting strategy that leaves a lasting impression.  Contact Us today to start impressing your clients and employees.


Corporate gifting is not just about selecting an item and sending it out to your clients or employees. It's about creating a personal connection, making them feel valued, and strengthening relationships. Understanding this art can make your corporate gifting endeavors more effective and impactful.

There are several strategies that can help you master the art of corporate gifting. Firstly, always aim for personalization. A customized gift resonates more as it shows you've taken the time to understand the recipient's preferences and tastes. Consequently, it makes them feel special and appreciated.

Secondly, consider the timing of your gifting. A well-timed gift can have a greater impact. Instead of only focusing on traditional gifting occasions like holidays or anniversaries, consider surprising them with gifts at unconventional times.

Finally, quality matters. The quality of your corporate gifts will reflect on your brand. Always opt for gifts that maintain your brand's reputation for quality and esteem. Remember, the objective of corporate gifting is to create a lasting, positive impression.

And, while sending out corporate gifts can be a significant investment, remember the returns can be substantial too. If done right, corporate gifting can lead to increased loyalty, better customer relationship, and it can even turn your clients into brand ambassadors, because they feel valued and appreciated.

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