Meet The Mother-Daughter Designers

Hi there! My name is Veronica (on the left), and I am the co-owner of Apple Blossom Gift Baskets along with my mom, Lisa. A little over 13 years ago Mom and I launched a 'pop'ular popcorn company out of my kitchen that eventually found nationwide success. After stepping away from that corporation we remember always enjoying the holiday season and working with corporate clients designing quality holiday gifts. At the time it was just popcorn, but we always saw the opportunity to offer our clients more high end items than your typical "90's gift basket" filled ith marginal products.
After many conversations, Mom and I decided to launch Apple Blossom. We love collaborating on projects and have a knack for design. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, we take pride in featuring local products. When we're not designing gifts, we're on the court playing pickleball together (Washington is the birthplace of pickleball, after all) or enjoying family time and activities. Mom also enjoys flexing her design skills in local floral competitions.

Our Clients

Are you a professional event coordinator with clients in search of exceptional gifting solutions? Is your innovative business seeking to enhance client experiences? Perhaps you're a busy individual craving swift yet thoughtful gifting solutions. If you prioritize both aesthetics and convenience and are excited to discover a partner who can manage your gifting journey from start to finish, your search ends here. Bid farewell to frantic store-hopping and last-minute scrambles to piece together gifts. Say goodbye to hurried assembly before events!

Apple Blossom clients have different occasions for gifting but they share one thing in common…they’re relaxed knowing gifting is entirely off of their shoulders.